Policies and Procedures

are the beginning of a solid business foundation. Policies allow for the employee to know what is and is not allowed. Procedures allow for standardization, and in some cases increase production. Some businesses MUST maintain policies. Financial, Medical, and publicly traded companies to name a few. This is where CITS can help. CITS will work with you to design and implement the policies and procedures you need to maintain compliance and to protect your business.

Workflow Analysis and Development

CITS accomplishes this by working with the “experts,” the ones who do the work and the ones who know what should be the end result. We document the process and see where improvements can be made. We will then create a training schedule based on this information.

License Compliance

In this day and age companies cannot afford to be remiss on maintaining license compliance. We will maintain a software library that consists of license number, license use, and up to a 90 day early warning notification for license expiry.

Project Management

Most small to medium size businesses can’t maintain dedicated staff for a project management team. CITS will work with you to design and manage the project. This can be as small as the latest anti-virus upgrade or as advanced as a new PKI/Smartcard roll out. CITS will maintain project updates and meeting schedules to keep the projects on budget and on time.

Training and Development

Allow CITS certified trainers to train your staff. Training is a key element in areas such as job satisfaction, morale, motivation, and efficiency. CITS offers training in computer skills, information security awareness, physical security, and multiple software suites.