Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning

CITS can create a well defined Disaster Recovery Plan to minimize the effects of a disaster and to get your business back up and running in a timely manner. For the long term, CITS can create a Business Continuity Plan to map out how the business stays operational after the disaster has happened. Disaster planning deals with “There is a tornado coming!” and Continuity planning deals with “Ok the tornado has come and gone, now what do we do”

Wireless Design and Setup

The wireless technology is rapidly growing in today’s market. However, just like any other technology (maybe more so) it must be designed correctly. Whether you’re just researching to find out what’s out there, or you have the budget to move forward, CITS can help provide you with the information you need to not only have a good design in place, but to also validate the security of the installation.

Risk Identification/Risk Management

CITS can evaluate your company for risks to include:
  • Physical (Natural Disasters, terrorist acts, fire, water, theft)
  • Equipment Malfunction (failure of computers, routers, switches,)
  • Human Error (data deletion, information disclosure)
  • Attacks (hackers, web defacement, password cracking, sniffers)

Once this is defined CITS will work with you to reduce these risks to an acceptable level.

Data Center Operations/Planning and Design

Most companies feel this is the heart of IT Operations. Having an in-house data center allows for cheaper overhead in the long term, scalability, high availability of information, and a faster turn around time for critical information. CITS can design a well thought out and efficient data center from the ground up or CITS can help you in expanding the one you currently have.

System Support

From imaging new systems to hardware upgrades and general maintenance, CITS can manage it. CITS can design a new machine to your specifications and use that machine to create a standard computer build. For space saving needs, CITS can install and optimize VMWare to have a few servers do a lot of work. This option saves money on hardware and also reduces the time to manage multiple hardware platforms.

Firewall/Internet Proxy/Content filtering

More companies are facing liability today due to improper firewall design and hostile work environment law suites because Joe lucky is viewing pornography during lunch and Pam wrongplaceandtime sees it, because there is no content filtering in place. Employees need to trust their management to protect them from themselves. CITS Security Engineers can evaluate the firewall setup and verify that the only thing getting in or out is what’s supposed to be. CITS can maintain or implement a web content filtering system to protect your employees from non business related web sites.