Dollars for Peace™


To prove to and show the world millions truly crave and want peace. Donate at least $15, which almost everyone can do, to help make a better world.
$15 is only the minimum and more, if you can afford it, is appreciated. Fill out the lines below while they are before you, and feel great that you have just made a real and historic contribution to human progress. $15 a year is only a dollar and a quarter a month, less than an average cup of coffee, and you will be helping to provide more security and safety for yourself, your loved ones, and every human being.

We also give an attractive incentive to participants who urge others to join our cause.
Of the first $90 donated two-thirds is given to non-profit World Peace Society and one-third is earned by the enroller. Contributions in excess of $90 are divided 70% to non-profit World Peace Society and 30% to the enroller. This program also offers a wonderful way to meet one's neighbors and make new friends.

Participants simply submit their name, address, phone number, e-mail, and indicate their enroller, if there is one, and a minimum donation of $15. All donations are for yearly dues that are deducted from your credit card or billed, unless otherwise indicated.

Sponsors will be shown on the site, and initially in the order they join. Every few months we will update the site and show them first in the order of their contribution and then in the order of joining.
A contribution of $1,000 or more is required to be a sponsor, and the sponsor's enroller earns 30% of this amount. The benefit of being a sponsor is that you receive great publicity plus obtain extra substantial income if you wish. But most important, you will earn the goodwill of making a significant contribution to creating a better world.

Enrollers of both participants and sponsors accrue all earnings but payments of those earnings are only made in minimum amounts of $100. Both sponsors and participants can enroll each other.

Become a Participant or a Sponsor

Option 1 : $15 Yearly
Option 2 : $30 Yearly
Option 3 : $60 Yearly
Option 4 : $90 Yearly

MORE (Participant donation over $90)

Sponsor Donation - $1,000 Yearly

MORE (Sponsor donation over $1,000)

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