Formerly with NYC's most prestigious eyebrow boutique in Trump Tower and top modeling agencies.

Confident with models and celebrities.

Now Offering her styling and expertise privately. 

& 646-703-2446


"Your Eyebrows should be as fashionable as you are!"

Varvara provides the eyebrow services for professional models, celebrities, business women, pageant contestants, housewives, men and more.

Natural Looking and
Scientifically Formulated Brow Shaping

She will create the perfect eyebrow that can immediately go out on the town, or back to work without any client touch ups required. Leave the salon with eyebrows completely polished and ready to be seen with a complete eyebrow, highlight and shadow application.

There are very few people in this country that can shape your eyebrows as well as Varvara can. Varvara's skills were conceived in Eliza's Eyes eyebrow Boutique, which brought you the highly acclaimed eyebrow shaping that Varvara is known for. She is one of few who know the exact scientific natural brow proportion ratio based on the natural building block of nature. This ratio is not taught in any school. Waxing is usually highly inaccurate in comparison. Knowing the numeric aspect ratio of this proportion and its parameters are paramount for perfect, natural looking arched brows!!!

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