Speed Up Your Internet Access

IMG_6941So-called broadband speed tweaks are techniques to improve performance of DSL and cable Internet connections. Home networking enthusiasts started experimenting with cable and DSL tweaks many years ago, when broadband Internet services first became popular.

Fast and reliable Internet access can make all the difference between a good and an excruciating web experience. If you have mission-critical work to do from home, fast internet access is even more important. Get the most from your internet service at home with these tips.

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photo by: Gavin St. Ours

End of Windows XP support

windows xpMicrosoft will end Windows XP support by April 2014. Your old hardware is probably not powerful enough for Windows 8.1. In this case you can still upgrade software with latest version of GNU/Linux. Best of all is is free software. There is no cost to use GNU/Linux.

There are many kinds of GNU/Linux operating systems. Check out DistroWatch for a comprehensive list. Each distribution was created fo a specific end user requirement. Look around and compare to get the best GNU/Linux distribution that suites your needs. Please contact us when there are questions or more information is needed.

photo by: Eurritimia

Predictions for 2014

new yearHappy New year! On the eve of annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), here are my predctions for this year 2014.

PC market is not dead, it is just been festering. With over 50% sales in corporate environment, and because of the recession for last 5 years since 2008, many corporations have been holding off on making new purchases but they have to get off of Windows XP. As a result PC sales will rise but a new form factor will emerge. Its really going to be a hybrid design. You can call it a tablet with a detachable keyboard or notebook with a detachable screen. Its not a new form factor. Just look at Surface tablet lineup from Microsoft. Desktops will also transform into large screens with all components built into screen. Look at iMac for design clues.

photo by: *Sally M*