The operating system (OS) is the backbone of your computer. Because your OS affects everything that goes on in your system, installing a new one can be tricky. Our Agents love this kind of stuff. Let us help.


  • Install one operating system on a functioning computer
    (Customer must provided needed OS discs)
  • Install necessary drivers
  • Install all critical updates.
  • Test system for functionality


  • My computer has been slow opening programs and saving files. Will installing a new system help?
    No guarantees, but updating your computer’s operating system could very well improve its performance. And having a new system installed will make sure your machine is compatible with new software packages..
  • Is the cost of the operating system included in this service?
    No, this service just covers the installation.
  • I use a Mac. Will you help me upgrade my system?
    Absolutely. Our Agents are fluent in all major operating system languages.
  • What if you are only restoring an OS?
    In that case we will need you to provide the system’s restore/recovery discs.