Stop calling other people for help when you need help creating a table of contents. We will turn you into a computer pro with one-on-one training for:

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Working with Photos
  • Staying Safe Online
  • Personal Media (MP3) Players
  • Working with Video
  • Introduction to Mac
  • Introduction to Office
  • Social Media and more


  • An Agent gives you 30 minutes of training on your PC and related topics (e.g. software, basic PC skills, digital photo, digital video, digital music, social media, etc.)
  • An Agent gives you 60 minutes of training on your PC and related topics.
  • Lessons in how to navigate in Mac or Windows
  • Review of functionality like manipulating windows, connecting devices and common keyboard shortcuts
  • Introduction to web browser basics
  • Overview of any software included with the OS
  • Brief tutorial on how to use your MP3 player, burn your own CDs, copy (rip) your CD, and organize your new music library


  • Can we help organize my music and share it across multiple computers?
    We’ll show you the ins and outs of organizing your music and how to share it between your computer, MP3 player and other devices in your home.
  • Can we help train me on my new Macintosh?
    Switching from Windows to Macintosh can be intimidating. We’ll help you with the differences and make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Will we answer my Internet questions in addition to my PC questions?
    Ask away. We ‘ll show you the basics and answer any other computer questions you have.
  • Will we show me how to participate in social networking sites such as Google+ or Twitter?
    Keep up with friends, family, celebrities and more through the power of social media. Let us get you started.