The dreaded remote control—many times, the bane of your TV-watching experience. Get control of your remote control. Let our Pucho Help Desk Agents remotely guide you through the setup of up to four devices and four activities on your Harmony or Logitech remote. You’ll have your home theater in the palm of your hand (literally and figuratively.)


  • Set up of a user ID and password for online use (if applicable)
  • Programming remote control for up to 8 devices and 6 activities
  • Testing of remote control to ensure all devices are working properly
  • Demonstration of operation of your newly programmed remote


  • Can I use one remote to control all of my components?
    Absolutely. We’ll program your remote and show you how to control your TV, DVD player, DVR, Receiver and any other components you might have.
  • Will my other remotes still work?
    Yes they will. You’ll have hands full, but if you want to play dueling remotes be our guest.
  • Will this remote work on my Apple™ computer?
    Yes, Harmony Remotes are compatible with Mac OSX.
  • Do all of my components need to be in the same room?
    Generally yes, however there are options we can provide if you want to hide your components.