Score the home theater of your dreams. We’ll check out your space, install your new equipment and show you how to work it like a pro. Our setup will put you on the video version of cloud nine.

This setup includes nonconcealed wires
Nonconcealed means that the wires are tied and organized very neatly. If you want to hide the wires in the wall, also known as concealed wires, you will need a Home Theater Consultation because every concealed wire install is a little different – in a good way


  • Mount TV to standard frame wall or under cabinet using customer-supplied bracket Add $99.99
  • Conduct pre-installation site survey with a list of everything needed for the installation
  • Connect and configure new or existing video components in a single room
  • Add any network-capable devices in the system to an existing wireless network and perform critical software/firmware updates
  • Configure up to two (2) Smart TV/Blu-ray player apps for media streaming (ie. Netflix, Pandora, Cinema Now)
  • Neatly dress all wires and cables
  • Program a non-learning type, manufacturer supplied, remote control
  • Show customer how to use the new system and components
  • Connect of up to two DTV converter boxes
  • Program parental controls upon customer request
  • Establish functionality of 3D glasses for TV, if necessary
  • Clean-up of work area, remove packaging, haul away and recycle materials where appropriate


  • Will the wires be visible?
    We can either hide your wires in-wall or if you prefer we can dress them neatly.
  • Can you hang a flat panel on brick?
    Chances are we can hang your TV on whatever surface you have in your home. Brick, marble, stucco, dry-wall, you name it, we’ve got it covered.
  • Will you take all of the boxes with you?
    Not only will we unpack the system, but we’ll haul out the boxes and recycle them.
  • Will you show me how to switch between DVD player and TV?
    We’ll give you a guided setup of the show system and show you how to switch between all of your components.
  • Can I get HDTV without a flat panel TV?
    Your TV has to be HD capable. Best chance is to get a flat panel TV.
  • Will you help me determine how far away to put my couch from my TV?
    We’ll help you arrange your room to get the best picture and sound quality out of your system.
  • How do I know if my TV is adjusted correctly?
    Leave the calibrations up to us. Pucho Help Desk will configure your TV perfectly to optimize the colors and levels.